Why the V-Y? It's legacy. Eric's grandfather had a ranch in Colorado, and growing up the times he spent visiting him inspired his love of ranching, and fed his desire to have livestock one day. The name is a tribute to him.

My (Lauren's) background is a bit different. I grew up on a family farm - singing to my parent's herd of Black Angus from a very young age. (I suppose you can see where the argument over whether we are a farm or a ranch comes in now, can't you?)

When Eric and I met in the spring of 2013 we both knew what we wanted out of life: and it involved a bunch of cows, and providing them with love, respect, and plenty of hay. But how could we sustain that goal? Fortunately, we are both very passionate about bringing those quality, loved cows to the market. That's where you come in.

  • Are you interested in cows that are allowed to be cows - roaming pastures in herds, or bunching around the hay feeder if they want to?
  • Do you want beef that I can personally guarantee has never eaten cookie crumbs, or other factory discards? (I promise that I stopped feeding the bull sugar cookies when I was like eight. Seriously.)
  • Are you looking for higher levels of Omega 3's than conventionally raised beef can provide?
  • Do you want to make sure than your family isn't eating beef that has been fed preventative antibiotics for weight gain, or because their living condition promotes transferable diseases?
  • Maybe you are worried about antibiotic resistant bacteria, and you don't want to support industrial AG because there is a possible link between the two.
  • Perhaps you're just wanting to support two people trying to live their dream and be able to keep the family farm afloat.

Whatever your reasons for being here, welcome! We are happy to meet you!