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She might not have a face for Vogue, but we think she is pretty adorable!

Great news everyone! V-Y Farms has been qualified as a Homegrown by Heroes producer! We couldn't be prouder! Please make sure to check them out online. They are a great organization that is doing good work helping veterans market their products. You might not know this about us, but we are a veteran owned business too. Eric is a reservist in the Air Force.

V-Y Farms last babies of the year are here, and boy they are CUTE.

You can tell by looking at him, that he is going to be all ATTITUDE when he gets bigger. This is one who is going to test the fences everybody!

So what exactly is V-Y Farms, or V-Y Custom Fed Beef, or heck, just V-Y Beef? (I suppose we have a bit of an identity crisis, yeah?) We are a small scale, sustainable, custom cattle farm (or ranch, if you listen to Eric!) located in southern Illinois. We are doing our best to take fields out of row crops and replace them with forage mixes that will help to heal the soil, sequester carbon, halt erosion, and be able to be managed with minimal chemical intervention.

What do we mean when we say that we offer custom fed beef? Simple. We build relationships with our clients and raise our cows to your specifications. Do you want grass fed or finished beef? We can do that. In fact providing local grass fed and finished beef is our standard at V-Y Farms; but by offering custom feeding if you would like us to source a GMO free corn feed to finish a cow for you we can do that too. The sky is pretty much the limit. Call us to discuss what you like today! 

V-Y Farms specializes in registered Red Devon cattle, and Black Angus cross, that live out their lives on pasture and hay with the option of a vaccine and antibiotic free lifestyle. We do not administer preventative, or feed through antibiotics, EVER - preferring to keep the herd as healthy as possible with a combination of good pasture and high quality minerals (including Purina Wind and Rain loose mineral and Thorvin Sea Kelp to ensure that our cows get all the macro and micro nutrients that they need). Please feel free to contact us to discuss our growth policies. At V-Y Farms we like to be very transparent with our customers because we feel that there is a lot of misinformation out there these days, and we want to do our part to help our customers understand their food cycle.

The beeves we offer at V-Y Farms are available at hanging weight, wholes, halves, and quarters; or as feeder calves for you to finish. Breeding stock may also be available upon request.

Would you like to know more? Peruse the site, check out our Instagram (@farmingfoible) and FaceBook (, or give us a call (we are always up for talking about cows)!